Solio Solar Charger uses clean energy to charge your phone, iPod

solio solar charger uses clean energy to charge your phone ipod soliomag home

For those who are addicted to their smartphones and iPods, but want to keep their carbon footprint on the smaller side, this pocket-sized device from Solio can definitely help. The device runs on solar energy that can be stored in its internal rechargeable battery. The Solio Solar Charger ($100) retains enough energy to charge a phone or iPod twice when the device is fully charged. All you need is some sunshine and you have an extra power source when you’re on the go. The three pieces fan out to catch sun rays when you are harvesting power. The charger comes with several adapter tips to ensure that you can charge almost any small device with your harvested solar power. It is also a carbon-neutral product made from recycled and recyclable materials. We think this would be a useful device to throw in your bag for everyday use, but it could also be helpful for outdoor activities like long hikes or camping trips.