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Solio Solar Charger uses clean energy to charge your phone, iPod

For those who are addicted to their smartphones and iPods, but want to keep their carbon footprint on the smaller side, this pocket-sized device from Solio can definitely help. The device runs on solar energy that can be stored in its internal rechargeable battery. The Solio Solar Charger ($100) retains enough energy to charge a phone or iPod twice when the device is fully charged. All you need is some sunshine and you have an extra power source when you’re on the go. The three pieces fan out to catch sun rays when you are harvesting power. The charger comes with several adapter tips to ensure that you can charge almost any small device with your harvested solar power. It is also a carbon-neutral product made from recycled and recyclable materials. We think this would be a useful device to throw in your bag for everyday use, but it could also be helpful for outdoor activities like long hikes or camping trips.

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PlugBug charger gives you a simple charging solution for all your Apple devices

In what is probably one of the more common annoyances we go through on daily basis; the availability -- or lack thereof, of power outlets can be a real nuisance. Perhaps exacerbating the problem is Apple’s plethora of ubiquitous devices, whether it’s an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Macbook, they all need to be charged. But what are you to do when your devices outnumber your power supply?
Enter the simple, yet elegantly designed PlugBug from Twelve South, an all-in-one USB charger that can plug into your Macbook or wall outlet. Twelve South’s PlugBug essentially acts as an all-you-can-eat electrical buffet for your power-hungry Apple devices, charging multiple devices at the same time in one compact device. What’s more, given that an iPad requires more than twice the power of your typical USB device, the PlugBug will actually charge faster than a standard USB, with the PlugBug providing a full 10 watts and 2.1 amps of power for quick charging – perfect for those of you traveling or on the go.
For $35 at Twelve South online, the PlugBug is a must have for Apple users; it’s compact, charges multiple devices, and is more efficient than your standard USB plug.

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Changers Solar Charger kit offers rewards to sun-capturing members

If you don't believe in global warming and hate the sight of hippie youth, you should probably stop reading now and return to the home page. If the powers of the sun intrigue you and you actually care about lowering worldwide CO2 emissions, then we've got a brand new project that might also pique your interest. The Changers Starter Kit ($149) gives users the chance to create (or harvest, more like it) their own solar power and also be involved in a social community and rewards program.
The concept starts with the actual solar charger, which consists of a Changers Maroshi solar module (roughly the size of your 13-inch computer screen) and a Changers Kalhuohfummi (say that five times fast) solar battery. The solar module is used to harvest solar energy during daytime hours, and that energy is then used to charge the portable solar battery, which has enough power to fully charge your iPhone twice at any time of day. What happens next is what differentiates this project from every other solar charger out there, and there are many. Changers users are then able to share their stats on solar power creation and how much CO2 they are saving in a social community and through Twitter. These stats are tracked by the Kalhuohfummi solar battery and converting energy earns you credits that can be redeemed for prizes and perks in a rewards program.
No word yet on what kind of rewards we're talking about, but we like the idea of providing an incentive program for active users. If you're not into the whole renewable energy movement, maybe joining a social community and sharing your solar charging on Twitter is a little much, but who doesn't like getting rewards for something that is already beneficial to your daily life? Keep that solar battery handy and you can charge just about anything that juices up with a USB cable. We're curious to see how the social community works and what kinds of rewards are offered. The starter kit is available for pre-order and will begin shipping around November 15. 

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PowerTrekk charges your devices on the go with hydrogen technology
powertrekk charges your devices on the go with hydrogen technology

This handy device is the perfect addition to your outdoor gear or car emergency kit thanks to its off-the-grid charging power and hydrogen technology. The PowerTrekk ($TBA) uses eco-friendly fuel cell technology that offers USB charging in even the most remote places. User must only insert a fuel pack (called a PowerPukk) and add about a tablespoon of water to the water compartment to begin converting the hydrogen to electricity. Unlike solar power, the PowerTrekk can begin charging your device immediately, and users can repeat the process of creating electricity until the fuel cell wears out entirely. The chemical process only emits a small amount of water vapor and the company plans to run a recycling program for the fuel packs. For outdoor enthusiasts who spend extended periods of time off the grid but don't want to risk having no form of communication, the PowerTrekk will allow charging of cell phones, GPS units, MP3 players, and digital cameras. Even if you don't hike into the woods every weekend, having this little guy in your car could be a saving grace if you ever got stranded without power. Or it could help keep your camera going to capture every moment of raucous drunk behavior on your camping trip. You know, whichever you need it for first.

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