Sony Ericsson’s New Touch Sensitive Headphones

mh907yel-bigThis week Sony Ericsson made sticking things in your ears cool again with its new MH907 headphones. The company’s SensMe Control technology is activated by body contact, allowing the headphone user to control music playback and answer calls just by placing the earphones in their ear or taking them out.
Of course, the MH907 is only compatible with Sony Ericsson phones with a fast port connector—sly move when competing with Apple, Samsung, and other mobile giants.

The MH907 come in chrome and yellow/white, and will be available worldwide this week for about $55. Sony Ericsson’s claim that these headphones will “change music forever” is rather bold, but the MH907 does offer a more interesting experience than just pushing a button.

Check out Sony Ericsson’s short film demonstrating the MH907:

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