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Speakal iCrystal Speaker Dock Rounds Out Your Sound

We know, we know: speaker solutions for the iPod and the iPhone are kind of a dime a dozen, but every once in a while one comes along that catches our eye. And makes us look again. And again. And blink a few times. Speakal is no stranger to novelty iPod/iPhone docks—we’ve looked at its ghostly iBoo and miSoccer docks before—and now the company is back with its iCrystal, featuring a distinctly retro-future look with teardrop-and-globe speaker mounts that look like the could have come out of a 1960s vision of the future…and the selection of bright colors only adds to the impression.

“Functionality has always been a crucial aspect to successful product design, but now more than ever consumers demand solutions that deliver as much style as they do function” said Speakal CEO David Solomon. “iCrystal perfectly complements modern design elements with its decorative accents and stylish sound. It promises to be an interesting discussion piece for the contemporary home.”

The iCrystal offers stereo speakers, an iPod/iPhone dock that’ll handle any i-device with a dock connector (and charge them!), a remove control, and a “humanized” touch control to manage music and the volume level. The iCrystal doesn’t offer an FM Tuner, alarms, a clock display, or some other features in other iPod docks, but it does offer an 3.5mm auxiliary input for connecting game consoles or other audio sources, and can run on four AA batteries—a big plus when you’re away from an AC outlet.

The iCrystal is available now in black, white, and red for a suggested price of $79.99.

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