Stay fit in your cubicle with Cubii, an elliptical machine you can hide under your desk at work


Sitting for hours upon hours in your cubicle at work can lead to a number of serious health risks and even shorten your life. There are some awkward ways to combat the risks of sitting, including sitting on an exercise ball or getting a standing desk. For those who don’t like drawing attention to themselves, the Cubii might be the solution they’ve been sitting for.

The Cubii is a mini-elliptical machine that fits under your desk at work. Users can adjust the resistance of the Cubii to achieve an at-work workout intensity of their choice, and a handle allows for easy transportation of the 25-pound device. The creators purport that you won’t leave work with bruised knees after using it.

Bluetooth connectivity with a user’s smartphone was granted as part of its Kickstarter campaign achieving a $100,000 stretch goal. Thanks to meeting its $150,000 stretch goal, the Cubii will also ship with the ability to charge your phone as you pedal. The crowdfunding campaign also set a $300,000 stretch goal, which would unlock a Noir black edition of the device in addition to the original Classic metallic silver version.

The Cubii will retail at $349, but backers of its Kickstarter campaign can nab one for $279. Deliveries are scheduled for January 2015.

The accompanying app will be free for iOS and Android devices, and the Cubii will sync with fitness trackers and fitness-tracking apps via an open API.

So far, the Cubii’s Kickstarter campaign has raised more than $258,000 from more than 950 backers. It will close on Monday at 11 a.m. EDT.