Jason Hahn

Jason Hahn

Jason Hahn is a part-time freelance writer based in New Jersey. He earned his master's degree in journalism at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. His work experience includes time as an Internet spam fighter for a search engine, senior editor for a publication covering the marketing industry and fantasy basketball blogger for a basketball magazine. Jason enjoys tinkering with his Android phone, following the NBA and watching funny GIFs.

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No salt, no problem: Electric fork simulates salty flavors with electric currents

Who needs salt when you have electricity? That’s the proposition of the “electric flavoring fork” created by a researcher in Japan to make meals more palatable for people who need to stick to low-salt or no-salt diets.

Slack climbs ‘unicorn’ ranks with new funding and $3.8 billion valuation

The popular communication collaboration platform Slack has raised another $200 million in venture capital financing -- and along with it, a valuation close to $4 billion. This marks Slack’s biggest round of financing yet.
Emerging Tech

Hong Kong man spends 1.5 years, $50K to build his own female robot

A 42-year-old product and graphic designer in Hong Kong spent a year-and-a-half and more than $50,000 to build a female robot that’s meant to resemble a Hollywood actress whom he doesn’t want to name. (It’s Scarlett Johansson.)
Virtual Reality

Your Oculus Rift is sending a lot of information back to Facebook

When Facebook acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion two years ago, it didn’t take long for concerns about privacy to provoke fear and disappointment. Now that the Oculus Rift is officially released, it's time to see how valid those concerns…
Movies & TV

Google Maps gives you a virtual tour of Bruce Wayne’s mansion (and Batcave)

Whether you’ve seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice yet or not, you can take a virtual tour through Bruce Wayne’s mansion and (mild spoiler alert) Batcave, thanks to Google Maps.

Dyson is looking beyond vacuum cleaners to developing electric cars

Dyson is taking the next logical step for a company known for making innovative vacuum cleaners: electric cars. Thanks to a slipup by the U.K. government, the company’s secret is out.