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Take telling-time to a more click-y time with the Click Keypad watch

Watch maker ‘Click Watches’ makes a lot of retrogadget watches and teamed up with Watchismo to sell the Keypad, its the second in a series of electronic glory day concept watches from Click. 

The Keypad comes with a chunky number pad and no distinguishable display. It’s probably a very impractical way to tell time but it’s kind of cool if you’re looking for a different way to show off your style. 

How it works is you hit any number on the watch 0 – 9, and it will display the time by lighting up one number at a time. For example, if it lights up 1, then 5, and then 5 again the time is 1:55. You can also set it display in 24 hour time sets. To see the date you hit the # button and it will show the date in month and day in a 12/18 fashion. 

The dimensions of the watches are 40mm x 46mm x 10.5mm. It comes in black, ivory, blue, brown and grey. 

Check out this video to see the watch in action.

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