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Digital Trends Live: Apple Watch 6 rumor, PlayStation 5 specs, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Luke Larsen dive into the top tech stories of the day, including Apple Watch 6 rumors, PlayStation 5 specs, the spread of cashier-free stores, the 2oth resupply mission for SpaceX, lettuce in space, and more.

CDT Senior Editor Caleb Denison then joins us to talk about the top headphones of 2020 so far, including sets from Sony, Samsung, Apple, and more.

Kobi Gershoni

Next up, Kobi Gershoni, chief research officer and co-founder of Signals Analytics, discusses how companies around the world understand data and recognize industry trends.

It’s then time for some awesome tech you can’t buy yet, where Drew Prindle takes a look at the coolest tech from the internet, including a firestarter for Swiss Army knives, a snowboard for the streets, and an eyes-free watch.

Paul Statham

Does the future of work take place at home? We talk with Paul Statham, founder and chief executive officer of Condeco Software, about workplace solutions, which make meeting remotely an easy and viable way to do business.

Finally, we look at some updates to the Ring Doorbell 3 with John Velasco, DT’s smart home editor.

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