Tethercell turns anything into a Bluetooth-connected device (even grandma’s flameless candles)

Tethercell and App

At DT, we flip out over Internet-connected goodies a lot, from baby monitors to stoves and washing machines. But why wait for manufacturers to figure out how to integrate remote Web control into your everyday item when all you have to do is go at it from the root of the power: the battery.

Tethercell boardThat’s where Tethercell aims to change a few things. By inserting your average AAA batteries into a Tethercell chamber, those ordinary tubes have all of a sudden gained Bluetooth connectivity which makes it controllable by your iOS and Android devices (it also bumps the size of AAA batteries into AA). This means you can add remote app access to toys, fans, game consoles, alarm clocks, flashlights – literally anything that runs on AA batteries can become Bluetooth-enabled. With Tethercell, the device can also send alerts to your smartphones when batteries are running low, and you can set On/Off timers for various gadgets around the house.

Sounds too good to be true? Perhaps, but it’s not just a concept. The project is currently asking for funding via IndieGoGo to create Tethercells that run on Bluetooth 4.0, promising an average runtime of six to twelve months in battery life apiece. The range obviously varies depending on each gadget’s power suckage.  There’s just a little over one month left to fund Tethercell, running at $35 each for those who want to be the first to try it out. With scale, the company aims to lower individual prices to between $10 to $20. What would you use Tethercells for? We think it’d be a perfect companion to a hilarious prank.

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