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The best LCD microscopes to bring your magnification capacity to a new level

LCD microscopes are helpful in various situations from inspecting jewelry to repairing minuscule circuit boards. These tools are upgraded from their old-school ancestors to give you tiltable and light-adjustable screens, micro USB slots, and other features that help you get the job done. We searched far and wide for the best LCD microscopes on the market and came up with this list to help you discover a fitting choice.

LCD microscopes boast advanced features like screen-to-screen connectivity, memory card compatibility, adjustable display settings, and even video capability. The average microscope is powered by rechargeable batteries, though some are charged through USB. Magnification capacity depends on each model, with powerful microscopes reaching up to 1,000 times and mini products maxing out at 220 times. Take a look at our favorite picks.

SKYBASIC LCD Digital Microscope

Best Overall

The SKYBASIC, PC-compatible microscope is the best overall choice for work purposes like banknote examination and circuit board inspection. Its magnification range is an impressive 50 times to 1,000 times, standing its ground against lab-grade microscopes. During use, adjust the LED illuminator from eight different modes to find your best view.

Koolertron Full-Color LCD Digital USB Microscope

Best Easy Viewing

Koolerton’s LCD microscope features a built-in 4.3-inch screen designed for easy viewing. Additionally, the adjustable height stand improves magnification accuracy. Transfer images to your monitor or smart TV via USB cord once you download the camera software.

Koolertron LCD Digital USB Microscope

Best Multipurpose

Koolerton’s LCD microscope has a magnification range of 10 times to 220 times and an adjustable LED control to help you set a preferred brightness level and measuring scale. The dual gooseneck lights offer added illumination for a wide range of uses like insect study, watch repair, and jewelry inspection. An ultraviolet filter eliminates stray light and undesired reflection during use.

LCD microscopes are useful for many occupations and hobbies such as watch repair, insect study, and jewelry appraisal. Whether you’re a professional looking for a dependable microscope or a recreational user searching for a mix of the best quality and value, you’ll discover that there’s a microscope on our list just for your very purpose.