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The JooJoo Tablet Begins Production

joojootabletfusiongarageRemember that little dispute over the CrunchPad aka the JooJoo Tablet? Well, it looks like Fusion Garage came out on top in that one—sort of. Fusion Garage announced that the JooJoo tablet is now in full production, with shipments of the new reaching customers by the end of February.  Preorders for the 12.1-inch touchscreened JooJoo tablet are starting at $499—same price point as Apple’s iPad.

“This is [a] landscape changing manufacturing agreement in the CE hardware market in much the same way Dell changed the PC business model with its direct to consumer sales approach back in the 1990s,” said Fusion Garage founder and chief executive, Chandrasekar (Chandra) Rathakrishnan, in a statement. “CSL’s confidence in JooJoo and strategic investment enables us to concentrate on the expansion of our organization, software development and, ultimately, building a world class CE company.”

We doubt preorders for the JooJoo will be as bountiful as they will be for the iPad.

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