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Motion-powered Million Mile Light stays lit as long as you keep jogging

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How’s this for motivation on your nightly run? Your safety light will stay lit, as long as you just keep moving. Such is the concept behind Million Mile Light, a Kickstarter project “that’s powered by motion & engineered to never give up.” The light, which never needs a battery and, consequently, will theoretically never die, is powered by a “tiny, silent, kinetic engine” that allows for four “ultra bright LEDs” to blink with each step you take. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a five-minute mile or taking a leisurely stroll through the park — as long as you’re moving, the light is working.

Million Mile Light - Motion Powered Safety Light For Runners

With 30 days to go, Million Mile Light already has 935 backers and has raised $36,730, more than halfway to its ultimate goal of $54,929. Weighing just 36 grams, or slightly more than one ounce, the gum pack-sized light seems like a perfect solution for pedestrians looking to keep themselves safe while out on the road. The bright LEDs are visible from over 200 meters away, and are able to withstand all the elements, meaning you’ll shine bright regardless of the time of day or season. “For optimum visibility,” the developers advise, “use one on your front and one on your back.”

Given that one of these lights will cost you less than $20 to preorder, getting two certainly doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch. Moreover, product developers have assured Kickstarter fans, “This is not a concept product prototype. It’s ready for production.” The reason they’re seeking funding is to finance “the complex tooling, set up our high quality assembly line, and reach our minimum order quantity.”

With more than 100 different models already tested, the team behind Million Mile Light is confident that they’ve created a gadget that is as efficient and effective as possible. Already, they seem to have some pretty solid support from their fan base, with National Geographic Adventurer of the Year winner Alastair Humphreys calling it “a brilliant invention for urban runners,” while Suzi Perry of the BBC noted, “I’ve just backed this fabulous idea. Motion powered light for #runners. It’s SUCH a top idea. A life saver.”

So head on over to Kickstarter, runners, and get the light that keeps up with you.

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