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Tonium Pacemaker 2

Tonium Pacemaker 2Thought you needed giant headphones, a $3,000 mixing board and a spiky haircut to be a DJ? Not so. Tonium’s new Pacemaker 2 should do the trick.

Marketed as “the pocket-sized DJ system,” Tonium has taken the Pacemaker it introduced in 2008 and given it a price tag and feature set a little more appropriate for “aspiring” DJs with the Pacemaker 2. It gets a color display, multi-touch control pad, and crossfader, all allowing amateurs to mix between two independent channels on the go – a kind of portable version of the USB DJ getups that have become so commonplace recently.

Unlike the original Pacemaker, which stored an impressive 120GB of music for careful mixing and remixing, the new version carries on 60GB. It also has a simplified user interface, which might be a good thing considering how complex the original was. Tonium claims newbies can now learn to mix in under two minutes.

After editing, you can even upload your custom mixes to the Pacemaker community to show them off, and download the works of others for inspiration.

An exact release date for the updated version and a clear price tag haven’t yet been announced, but rumor has it the device will come in under $500 (compared to $874 for the original). More information can be found at Tonium.

Tonium Pacemaker 2

Tonium Pacemaker 2

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