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Tired of dragging your suitcase upstairs? Try the TraxPack instead

If lugging your luggage around always puts a damper on your otherwise delightful travel plans, we may have finally found the suitcase for you. Say goodbye to the days of trying to make your way up and down stairs with a heavy suitcase in tow, and hello to the TraxPack. A smart bag that features what the manufacturer describes as “tank tracks,” similar to those you might find on a military tank, this suitcase won’t necessarily protect you in battle, but if you’re fighting a long flight of steps, you’re going to want TraxPack on your side. Branded as “a new kind of suitcase that deploys a track system … to effortlessly roll up stairs,” this piece of luggage’s mission is “to make travel safe, secure, and smooth.”

With its tilting handle, TraxPack claims to give travelers the ultimate in maneuverability and “full control over your luggage.” No matter how you twist or turn it, you’ll be able to take TraxPack along for the ride thanks to its “dynamic self-adjusting track system.”

Explaining the genesis of the new luggage concept, TraxPack co-founder Naisha Joseph said, “I had issues from losing my bag to having to carry a heavy bag up a broken escalator, incurring unexpected fees at the gate, my phone would be dead (and) I couldn’t make any calls — I had all these issues.” And luckily, TraxPack addresses all of them.

Not only does this piece of luggage purport to get you up and down stairs better than before, it also features a GPS tracking system, a built-in weight scale, USB charging docks, and TSA-approved locks and extra-strong zippers. Basically, every travel woe you’ve ever encountered should be addressed by the $515 suitcase.

With 51 days to go, the TraxPack team has raised just over $7,000, and is hoping to hit $65,000 over the next month and a half. So if you’re interested in a new kind of suitcase, you can jump on the early-bird price of $198 on their Kickstarter campaign. 

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