Tritton Brings Its Gamer Headsets to Best Buy

Tritton AX720
Tritton AX720

For gamers who don’t feel like investing in a high-quality stereo or home theater rig for their gaming system—or who just aren’t in a logistical situation to be pushing that much audio through the walls to their neighbors or family at the wee hours of the morning—gamer headsets are kind of an indispensable element of the gaming scheme, enabling players to appreciate the most subtle (and annoying!) points of a game’s soundtrack while simultaneously trash-talking their opponents (or even cooperating with allies) in real time. To that end, gear-maker Tritton Technologies is bringing its AX120 and AX720 gamer headsets exclusively to Best Buy, letting gamers on PCs, the Xbox 360, the PS3—and even the Wii—get a direct audio injection.

“The AX 180 and AX 720 outperform any competition and create a class of their own,” said Tritton president Christopher Von Huben, in a statement. “The quality of our headsets is absolutely unrivaled, and gamers will love not only our innovative features but the value we provide when they buy our products at Best Buy.”

The AX720 headset offers supports the Dolby 5.1 surround audio available on the Xbox 360, PS3, and many PC games, and features an inline controller with separate controls for audio and voice volume. The AX180 offers traditional stereo and also features inline audio and chat volume controls—and even works with the Nintendo Wii.

Both headsets work with PCs and Macs via a USB connection, and feature breakaway cables that let them be used with iPods or other devices with optional cables. The AX120s are on offer for $69.99, while the AX720s are priced at $129.99.