Vibrating theater seats are shaking things up with the movie-going experience

Tremor FX Seats

Have you ever gotten on those 3D amusement parks rides where things seemingly pop out at you? At first you’re like, “Whoa!” but then you realize it’s only a visual and nothing actually makes you feel any of what’s happening on screen. Occasionally a splash of water or bubbles are blown in the theater, but that’s as far as those rides take you. Lame.

The concept is similar in movie theaters, where action films can be as jam packed with explosions, fight scenes, and car chases but to truly feel like the center of the film’s universe, you need to actively feel the motion too. That’s why RedSeat Entertainment is introducing the Tremor FX technology which would make your theater seats vibrate to the match the film sequences of whatever you’re watching on the big screen. 

vibrating theater seats are shaking things up with the movie going experience tremor fxWith this rumble feature, seats with Tremor FX tech installed will vibrate to the soundtrack of the film for added intensity. For example, gunshots will make the chair pulse to make you feel the pressure, or if a character’s heartbeat becomes more rapid, you can feel the rumble too. The seats will all remain the same standard size, and aims to be easily upgraded in seats most theaters already have so theater owners do not have to worry about gutting the entire room.

“What truly sets TremorFX apart is the fact that our technology works seamlessly with any movie, so there is no lag time between when new films are released and when viewers can enhance their enjoyment with the Tremor FX seats,” said Joseph Sorenson, CEO of RedSeat Entertainment in a press release. “The potential for this technology isn’t limited to movies, but also has applications in other areas like concerts and gaming, which really makes Tremor FX the next evolution in entertainment.”

Theater owners can reach out to RedSeat Entertainment for information on how to get Tremor FX seats in their locations. The company does not charge a service fee after installation, so owners can set their own price for movies with the added technology. Or, if your have a great home theater and prefer to stay inside, you can also contact the company about getting Tremor FX chairs installed in your home. Could you imagine watching a Michael Bay movie in the seat without him actually screaming “BOOM!” to you and letting the chair do all the clamoring? No matter what you’re watching, RedSeat Entertainment promises the star of the show will still be the movie, and not the seats.

“We’ve engineered these chairs in such a way that the motion enhances the cinematic experience, but doesn’t distract from what is happening on the screen,” Sorenson said. 

With the technology just introduced this week, it may take a while for most theaters to truly introduce the seats to the masses, but to keep an update of where you can find Tremor FX theaters nearest you, put yourself on the mailing list for a locator coming soon.

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