Watch the TRON lightcycle race recreated with duct tape

watch the tron lightcycle race recreated with duct tapeOne of the most iconic scenes in the 1982’s Tron is the high-tech lightcycle race that unfolds on a massive grid within the film’s digital universe. Given the scene’s esteemed place in the science-fiction universe, it’s strangely fitting that it’s also the inspiration for a new ad promoting a decidedly less high-tech product: duct tape.

In the new ad for Duck Tape brand duct tape, rolls of the tape that no one can live without are used as stand-ins for the Tron lightcycles, and make their way around a grid in an almost scene-for-scene recreation of the film’s well-known race.

The online ad was created by San Francisco-based media company Ryactive on a shoestring budget, and uses minimal minimal computer effects — another ironic aspect of its connection to the computer-friendly world of Tron.

“We didn’t want to use any computer effects,” the video’s director David Brashear told “We made a really conscious effort to make the entire set out of duct tape and not try to fix stuff that was messed up with the computer, because part of the charm was that it was kind of imperfect.”

And while that’s all well and good, let’s make sure we give some credit to the big cameo at the end of the ad, too. Yes, that’s “Tron Guy” Jay Maynard who appears in the ad’s final scene, adding yet another level of mind-blowing meta to the entire production.

“I heard the concept, thought it would be fun, and said, ‘Sure!’” Maynard told “I was really happy with the results.”