Who wants to ride on a $9 cardboard bike?

who wants to ride on a 9 recycled cardboard bike

With each new bike design, prototypes will attempt to become more lightweight and the last and look even sleeker than previous models. But if you told us you can have a functioning bicycle as lightweight as a piece of cardboard, we’d find that impossible. And indeed, the same notion has been repeated to the designer of the Izhar Cardboard Bike who wanted to attempt the impossible. And he’s done it.

who wants to ride on a 9 recycled cardboard bike waterInspired by a man who made a canoe out of cardboards, designer Giora Kariv wanted to create a durable, portable bike made of recycled materials for under $10. By folding the cardboard to add sturdiness, the frame can support an impressive maximum weight of 300 pounds as well as withstanding natural elements such as humidity and water. He achieves this by dipping the cardboard in a solution that protects against liquid and make the bike parts more durable. Still, it’s probably not the best idea to ride on the Izhar bike during a rainstorm.

While it is unclear whether Kariv aims to manufacture the bike commercially, the idea is a sustainable and affordable way for a low cost ride. For a $9 production, retail value of the Izhar bike would be well below $100, making the option of going green and being healthier by choosing to bike over drive more likable. Since Kariv paints his own bike, we can also see some customization options available for the general consumer market.

Either way, it’s great to see sustainable innovation born right in someone’s home, especially because of his refusal to accept impossible as an answer.

Watch the video below to see Kariv building his Izhar bike and the ride in action.