Would you use these Android-powered Epson Moverio video glasses?

would you use these android powered epson moverio video glassesWe’re still not entirely certain how we feel about the Epson Moverio video glasses.

On one hand, it seems like they offer a cool, future-is-now sort of experience, with Dolby stereo technology and the visual equivalent of a 320-inch screen seen from 20 meters away. On the other hand, they look a lot like those massive, over-the-glasses sunglasses often used by elderly people and welders.

Still, the specs on the Moverio portable viewing experience offer some food for thought.

The video glasses are powered by Android 2.2 operating system, and come with 1 GB of built-in memory and a 4 GB Micro SD card (upgradeable to 32 GB). The glasses also have Wi-Fi capability, though there’s no explanation of what this would be used for.

And here are the kickers: the glasses also feature built-in Dolby Mobile2 stereo earphones, and a transparent lens for “see-through viewing” while you’re watching the QHD screens. Oh, and the glasses also support 3-D content (which might get a little confusing if you combine it with the see-through viewing).

There’s no price or release date for the Moverio Video Glasses yet.

And yes, you can wear them over your normal glasses.