Xantech Adds Programmable Remote

Xantech, a manufacturer of signal processing and control systems, announced last week they’d begun shipping their XTR39 color LCD touch screen remote control. The XTR39 is priced at $999.

The XTR39, said Xantech, is an IR style remote control which sports a 3.9” color touch screen display. Features of this new programmable remote control include dedicated buttons for more frequently used commands such as volume and power, a touch wheel control for scrolling through on-screen menus and commands, a silver finish, included charging cradle and the ability to control multiple house systems such as A/V, lighting, climate control and more.

“The beauty of the XTR39 remote is that it takes many of the features that have made the Xantech SmartPad LCD wall-mounted touchpanels popular and puts that same control right in the user’s hand, making system operation more convenient than ever,” said Deanna Minnich, Director of Sales and Marketing for Xantech Corporation, in a statement.