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Yuneec unveils three new drones, including an updated Typhoon H Plus

Yuneec International has unveiled three new drones at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), including a new-and-improved version of its Typhoon H drone, still arguably one of the best drones available on the market despite debuting all the way back in 2015.

The new Typhoon H Plus packs a larger, highly stable six-rotor hex airframe that promises a 40-percent reduction in noise from previous hex models. It also comes equipped with a high-aperture one-inch sensor camera for capturing 20-megapixel stills and 4K resolution video at 60 frames per second. Compared to previous models, the Typhoon H Plus boasts improved low-light camera performance, while a continuous rotating gimbal and retractable landing gear offer seamless 360-degree unobstructed views.

Making things even better is the Typhoon H Plus’s smart collision-avoidance technology, which will detect obstacles and then intelligently navigate around them, leaving photographers to concentrate on their camera work and flight path instead of having to keep an eye out for objects that are in their way. Finally, the Typhoon H Plus ships with a redesigned controller, including a sizable seven-inch integrated display and HD 720p video downlink for stunning real-time video reception.

“Although it looks the same, the new drone can handle 30 mph winds, and features Intel RealSense 3D obstacle avoidance to help you get around trees,” said Yuneec’s Ryan Kephart.

Yuneec is also using CES to unveil two completely new drones in the fixed wing and racing categories. The lightweight Firebird FPV offers a flight time of up to 30 minutes, and promises a flying experience similar to a real full-sized aircraft. Using the Firebird FPV, you’ll be able to pull off acrobatic maneuvers such as inverted flight, rolls, and loops, safe in the knowledge that beginners can opt for an in-built Safety Mode that makes it impossible to descend below a certain altitude, The Return Home, Geo Fence, and Auto Landing capabilities will further reduce your fears about ruining your brand-new drone.

Finally, Yuneec’s HD Racer is a palm-sized racing drone, promising nimble flight with smart stabilization. The HD racer is designed to be safely flown indoors, thanks to its compact size, protected blades, and durable construction. It is piloted via an optimized, all-digital, low -latency HD video downlink, and there’s even the option to record and share your best racing moments in high-resolution 1080p. “The HD Racer is a perfect intermediate option to [help users] jump into [flying] higher-end drones that we offer. It also allows you to teach yourself manual flight controls,” said Kephart.

All three new drones will be available this year, with the $1,800 Typhoon H Plus and $700 Firebird FPV slated for the first half of 2018, and the $180 HD Racer coming in for a landing sometime during the second half of the year.

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