Adobe pulls Creative Cloud update after files go AWOL on Macs

If you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud user, we’ve got some bad news. Last Thursday, Adobe pushed an update to Macs using their popular creative platform, which includes Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom and so on, and almost immediately, users said they started to see files disappearing from their computers. Adobe pulled the update but not before it most likely hit missions of Macs set to auto-update the apps.

Adobe pushed out a new, non-toxic update on Sunday while their social media team worked overtime to apologize for the wiping of files.

There are so many things you can 3D-print these days we’ve lost count, but Mattel is tapping into a market we sort of already new existed: printing toys. Their new family friendly printer, called the ThingMaker, was announced on Friday and will sell for $300.

If you’re old enough, you may remember the original ThingMaker system from the 1960s, which was a DIY toy-making kit that included a lot of gooey liquid plastic stuff and glitter. The new 3D printer Thingmaker looks to be a bit more… versatile. And maybe less messy as well. It’ll be out this fall but you can preorder it tomorrow on Amazon.

Finally, if you thought the Windows phone OS was dead, well, it’s close, but isn’t there yet. Microsoft just introduced the Lumia 650 phone, and it’s a mix of hits and misses. Big hit: the phone uses an actual OLED screen for amazing color. Miss? It’s only a 5-inch 720p screen, but we’d say any OLED is better than none. Another miss: the 650 doesn’t have enough horsepower to run Microsoft’s cool Continuum feature, which lets you use the phone like a full-blown mini PC.

Redmond says the Lumia 650 is targeted at business users, and it only costs 200 bucks, so if you’ve got an older WinPhone, this may be the time to upgrade.

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