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DT Daily: Amazon lets anyone create Alexa skills with Blueprint

Who says you need to be a developer to create skills for Amazon Alexa? Amazon is launching a new feature called Alexa Skill Blueprints that lets anyone create customized Alexa functions and responses. Blueprints allows Alexa users to create experiences that are unique to themselves and their families. And there’s absolutely no coding skill needed.

On the new Alexa Skill Blueprints website, options for creating skills are divided into four categories: Fun & Games, At Home, Storyteller, and Learning & Knowledge. While each blueprint comes with predetermined content, you can customize them based on your own preferences by answering fill in the blank questions. This is launching today with more than 20 Skill Blueprints, and more will be added soon.

The clock is ticking before new EU data privacy guidelines kick in and Facebook companies are working to meet the deadline. Facebook owned VR company Oculus is creating a ‘privacy center’ for users to keep tabs on what data the company has collected about them.

To be clear, the company isn’t changing how it uses customer data, they’re just adding more transparency. In the VR world there’s a lot of physical movement data generated and Oculus uses this information to help developers refine games and other VR experiences. The new terms of service will be published tomorrow, but won’t go into effect until May 20th, just a few days ahead of the EU deadline.

Until recently, budget smartphones were stripped down, bare bones devices that were just cheap all around. Motorola’s been leading the charge to pack more and more premium features in budget devices, and with the new Moto G6 it’s offering a sleek phone for under $250.

The new glass back design features slim bezels surrounding a 5.7 inch screen with an 18:9 aspect ratio. It also comes with a dual lens camera that takes portrait mode shots. The camera does have some shutter lag issues, but the image quality is excellent for a budget phone. The Moto G6 also uses a USB type C charging cable making the device more future-proofed. Look for the Moto G6 to arrive in late may for 250 bucks or less.

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