DT Daily: Google’s Terminator glasses, Verizon doubles data, Nikon’s D800 sets records

February 7, 2012

Editor’s Note: Verizon’s “double data” promotion will begin Friday, the Nikon D800 shoots at 4 fps at full resolution, not 6 fps.

New megapixel king

How many megapixels are enough when you’re shopping for a digital camera? For demanding photographers, there’s really no limit, and that’s exactly who Nikon will cater to with the new D800 — the highest-resolution full-frame DSLR camera ever. It shoots at an incredible 36.3 megapixels, and it’s fast enough to capture six of those frames per second. Of course, the pro camera will also carry a pro price tag of $3,000 when it debuts in March.

Verizon doubles data

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to finally make the jump to 4G speeds, Verizon’s latest “double data” deal may be the excuse you need to finally sign on the dotted lined. Starting today, customers signing up for new 4G smartphones will get double the data cap for the same price. At the entry level, that means getting 4 gigabytes instead of 2 for $30 a month, and at the top, you’ll get a whopping 20 gigabytes rather than 10, for $80. The doubled data will last through the two-year length of the contract. Verizon hasn’t yet announced when the promotion will end, but if it’s anything like a similar promotion the company ran before Christmas, it won’t last long.

Google Goggles with HUD

After revolutionizing search, mapping the world from the ground with Street View and even building an autonomous car, Google has moved onto another futuristic pursuit: Terminator goggles. According to the fansite 9to5google, a prototype pair of so-called Google Goggles have been spotted in the wild. They resemble thick-framed normal glasses, but include LCD displays to overlay information about the world over everything you see — just like in the 1984 movie Terminator. Tipsters claim the glasses even have an integrated camera to capture pictures, and use a subtle tilt of the head to scroll through data. No word yet on when these glasses will make it to the public, but let’s hope Google Skynet is far, far behind.

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