DT Daily: Internet satellite battle, Google Glass closes out, mecha you can buy

Today on DT Daily: billionaires battle over who gets to launch the most satellites, today is your last day to order Google Glass, and how to impress that cosplay hottie with only a million dollars.

Just hours after billionaire playboy Sir Richard Branson said he wanted to launch a bunch of satellites to bring the Internet to the data-starved masses, another billionaire playboy says he’s wants to do the same thing.

Billionaire playboy number two is SpaceX and Tesla tycoon Elon Musk, and he’s gone on the record saying his system global net delivery system will be capable of throughput speeds way faster than Branson’s much less manly system. But, Musk did say he welcomed the competition from Branson. Anyway, we’re just waiting for billionaire number three, Mark Zuckerberg, to get into the game as he said he would. Anytime now would be fine, Zuck.

Whatever happens, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that in 10 years, you’ll be able to dial up gigabit Internet speeds from pretty much anywhere on the earth’s surface – or beyond.

Speaking of 10 years from now, can you imagine how antiquated and silly Google Glass will look in 2025, when we all have Google Retinal implants? Hilarious, right? What were we thinking?

Well, a lot of people are probably thinking of dropping $1500 and reeling in a pair of the geeky specs, because today is the last day the Explorer edition – which is what the current model of Glass is called – are going to be on sale to the public. So is Google’s Glass experiment over? Hardly. After three years, it’s likely time for a new iteration of Glass, and we hope the new version is a bit more low profile and more… glasses-like than the original. Hey, it was fun.

So, are you having a hard time impressing that certain someone at your favorite cosplay event? It’s going to take something more than a giant new batleth – what you need is your own mecha. Now, you can have one. Call the Kuratas, this diesel-powered battle mech will totally rule at the next comic-con. It features a top speed of 20 kilometers an hour on the road – so, it’s not too fast. But who cares? Traffic ahead? Just blast away with these gatling BB guns. Smile to shoot!

Price? 120 million yen, which puts it right at a million dollars U.S. It’s only available in Japan from, no joke, Amazon.com, but it isn’t Prime so there may be a small shipping fee. Or, you know, just drive it home.

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