DT Daily: Mozilla boss blasts Microsoft Edge browser

It’s Friday July 31st, and Mozilla CEO Chris Beard is taking a shot at Microsoft. The maker of the rival browser Firefox is unhappy that Edge is set as the default browser in Windows 10, even on upgraded systems where Firefox or Chrome were previously the default choice. Beard posted an open letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, stating that it now takes twice as many mouse clicks as it did before to change the default browser in windows. If you’re looking to change your default browser settings in Windows 10, Mozilla has a quick guide posted.

While we didn’t see a new Apple TV at WWDC earlier this year, it now seems likely that the updated set top streaming box will make its debut in September. According to a Buzzfeed report, the New Apple TV will be smaller than the current model, feature a touchpad remote with Siri integration and it will also serve as the hub for Apple’s Home Kit. Apple has been working on an Internet TV subscription service as well, but don’t expect to see that announced when the New Apple TV launches.

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