DT Daily: Netflix shows pirated often, Smart sous vide machine, Robo-fish uses wireless power

New data shows that Netflix’s original series Orange is the New Black was the third most pirated TV show this past spring. Of the more than 2 billion TV episodes illegally downloaded during the period, Orange is the new Black accounted for over 60 million of those. Piracy stats for the show about jailbird debutante Piper Chapman are especially telling since there are few ways to gauge its overall popularity. In fact, Netflix and HBO use these stats to gauge consumer interest. Surprisingly there was no sign of Netflix’s other tent pole, House of Cards, at the top of the list.

The original Nomiku immersion circulator is one of the best sous vide cookers on the market. Now on Kickstarter, version 2.0 offers a number of big improvements over the original, including Wi-Fi. That means you can connect it to your network and control it from afar, via a mobile device. The accompanying app takes the guesswork out of sous vide, eliminating the need for memorizing temperatures and cook times. With the new Nomiku, you simply tell the app what food you’re cooking and it sets the time and temperature automatically. Retail price on the Nomiku 2.0 will be 250 dollars, but Kickstarter backers can reserve one and save 100 bucks.

Surprisingly enough, robotic fish are gaining popularity with parents and kids. Probably because you don’t have to feed them, and they don’t die.  However, you do have to charge them. That’s why Sphere created the Capsule aquarium that can wirelessly power its robotic fish called LumiPuff. That’s right, one of the first uses of wireless power… is a toy. Now it does connect to your phone through Bluetooth, and the little fishies do light up and flash when your phone rings. The fish also react when you tap on the glass, and a companion app lets you play games and do other stuff. The whole thing should be available in about a year, and Sphere says they plan on making a robo-sea-turtle as well.

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