DT Daily: New Surface Pro 3 tablet from Microsoft, hopped-up Dodge Challenger, Bentley video shot with… iPhones?

Microsoft unveiled a new Surface tablet on Tuesday, the Surface Pro 3, and perhaps surprised many in the tech world by not introducing a small tablet to compete with Apple’s iPad Mini.

But the new Surface Pro 3 is no slouch, and Microsoft is pushing it as a bonafide laptop replacement. That makes sense, actually, considering the size of it and the available accessories. The Pro 3 features a 12-inch screen that is now more square – and more like an iPad – and the Pro 3 is both lighter and thinner than the Pro 2. A multi-function pen-like stylus comes in the box, but don’t lose it as it will cost $50 to replace.

The colorful accessory covers still function as a keyboard but now add a trackpad and the rear kickstand can now be set to nearly any angle. There’s also a docking station you can opt for.

Buyers can pick from a list of Intel i-series processors and up to 512gb of internal storage. The base price is $800 but that can quickly ratchet up to well over $2,000 with performance options and accessories. Check out our initial DT Hands-On review here.

Mopar motorheads rejoice! A completely insane version of the popular Dodge Challenger is headed to showrooms soon. Dodge recently absorbed performance outfit SRT into the mothership and the first offspring is the SRT Hellcat, which will feature a supercharged HEMI V8 putting out more than 600 horsepower. Know your Hellcat by the distinctive vented hood, 20-inch wheels, black rear deck spoiler and special badges. And likely, lots of tire smoke.

A less-powerful, plain old “SRT” Challenger will also be available as well. Both cars should arrive in showrooms this fall. Get the full story here.

You would expect a high-end carmaker like Bentley to serve up a high-end promo video, ‘sparing no expense’ as it were. And with their artsy black-and-white feature called “Intelligent Details,” that would appear to be the case.

But, if you watch the video all the way to the end, Bentley reveals just how the ad was made: it was shot entirely with three Apple iPhone 5s’s, and was then edited on an iPad Air in the car itself with the iMovie app, and a $5 post-production app. Shooting with iPhones does make sense seeing how, in the video, Bentley shows off the dual Apple iPad-based workstations built into the back seat of the $300,000 car.

The iPhone film crew did use some accessory lenses, camera braces and other gear to shoot the video, which helped give it the look of a typical big-budget video. It also means that if you have an iPhone 5s and aspirations to be the next Scorsese, well, you just ran out of excuses. Check out the story and full video here.

Your host today is Genelle Padilla

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