DT Daily: Odd Oculus Rift hack, new TSA gadget rule, Apple’s latest iWatch hire

Here’s what’s happening today on DT Daily: A new hack for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset lets wearers get a third-person perspective view of themselves, the TSA may only allow charged up gadgets onboard certain flights, and Apple continues to hire watch experts in the lead up to the rumored iWatch’s eventual announcement.

This latest Oculus Rift virtual reality headset hack is one of the most interesting yet. It gives the wearer an uncanny third-person perspective on life, which means they have an elevated, rear view of themselves, just like in games such as Grand Theft Auto, except this view works in real life. It’s the work of engineers from Poland, and the video demonstrating the tech is fascinating, if a little disorienting.

If you want one for yourself, it’s a difficult setup to copy. It consists of the Oculus Rift itself, an Arduino electronics platform, two GoPro cameras, a 3D printer, and much more, all stuffed inside a backpack. It’s no toy though, and the team has big plans for the future, such as adapting it for in-car use, and providing a better view for wearers working in difficult environments.

A new security measure is about to be introduced at selected international airports, according to the TSA. They are now warning travelers thinking about flying to the U.S. to expect more detailed checks on any electronic devices they want to bring aboard a plane.

To ensure you pass through security without a problem, you may have to power up your phone or other gadgets, meaning it’ll be wise to make sure they’re charged beforehand.

If they’re not, and won’t turn on, there’s a risk they’ll be confiscated. The new rules come just days after a warning that bombs were being developed that are capable of completely fooling airport security machines.

If you’ve been following the Apple iWatch story, and really, who hasn’t been, then you know the company has been recruiting fitness, health and fashion experts, who are all believed to be helping to create the rumored smartwatch.

Well, the hiring spree isn’t over, and the latest addition to Apple’s team also indicates it’s nearly time for the wrist worn device to be released. Anyway, the new man at Apple is Patrick Pruniaux, former Vice President of Global Sales for renowned watchmaker Tag Heuer.

Pruniaux’s exact new position at Apple isn’t known, but he could be using his skills to help prime the market for the iWatch’s arrival.

Your host today is Greg Nibler.

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