DT Daily: Onyx communicator system, NASA’s watery spaceballs, Star Wars VII gets named

Today on DT Daily: a communicator Captain Kirk would be proud of, fun and GoPro games in space, and Star Wars Episode 7 gets an official title.

Smartphones, Bluetooth devices and even those corded things stuck to the wall are all pretty good for communicating with others, but what if you could just push one button and chat like Picard and Riker? Now that would be cool.

Well, OnBeep is looking to make it happen with Onyx, a small hockey puck of a communicator you clip to your clothes. After joining a network of Onyx users, just push the button and talk. Simple. Since the small device securely links to others in an Onyx network you create with a smartphone app, in theory, your network could be anywhere from your office… to pretty much anywhere in the world, as long as everyone has Internet access.

You can pre-order an Onyx right now and you need at least two for the system to work, so be prepared to pony up $195 for a pair of the chatty pucks, or just $99 for a single unit.

Astronauts tend to be a buttoned-down group, but you can bet some serious fun is also going on, especially in zero gravity. Need proof? Check out the crazy video of astronauts aboard the International Space Station making a water orb.

And once you’ve got a big blob of water floating around, the next good idea is to shove a waterproof GoPro camera inside it and see what happens. More shenanigans ensue as one guy stretches the water out with his hands. And as if it doesn’t look crazy enough already, they’ve also released a 3D version of the video, so strap on some of those old-school red and white specs and enjoy. Check out the videos here.

Principal shooting for Star Wars Episode VII has ended and in case you haven’t heard, the movie now has an actual title. According a post on the Star Wars Twitter feed, the movie will be calledThe Force Awakens, which is a pretty good title but not quite as cool as Episode Seven: The Brutal Death of Jar Jar Binks at the Hands of the Sith Ewoks. Well, maybe that’s just the title we were hoping for…

Anyway, if you’re already in line for tickets, there’s just over one more year to go until The Force Awakens arrives in theaters on December 18, 2015.

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