DT Daily: Sony’s new action cam, glue that welds, Bond cars spotted

Today on DT Daily: Sony takes aim at GoPro, again, Bondic makes super glue look weak, and a sneak peek at James Bond’s new car – it’s cool.

GoPro has become the Xerox of action cams, but that hasn’t stopped Sony from trying to horn in on the growing market for action selfie videos. We just checked out the new AZ1 and found it to be a slick piece of kit. Check out the full review.

We love those old Super Glue ads and admittedly, the stuff has come in pretty handy over the years, except when we accidentally glued our fingers together. Or our eylids. But now, Bondic is taking the super glue idea up a notch by essentially letting you weld any two objects together. Here’s how it works.

Expectations are running high for the next Bond flick, called Spectre. One area the movie most likely won’t disappoint is in the Bond car department. YouTuber Marchettino caught a lineup of ten sleek Aston Martin DB10 movie cars recently, here’s what he saw.

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