DT Daily: Tesla’s big sale, supercomputer competition, ultimate L.A. commute

Today on DT Daily: Get a Tesla on the cheap, the U.S. is building two monster supercomputers, and Ken Block commutes in L.A. the way only Ken Block can.

What’s the hottest electric car out there? The Tesla Model S of course, and if you’ve been skipping lattes to save for one, well, this might be the time make your move.

Why? Because Tesla is putting their loaner car fleet on the market, and at a discount. A post by the folks over at Green Car Reports says they heard from a reliable source that Tesla is cutting prices by as much as $18,000 on their loaners, most of which have low, low miles. The closeout cars are the lower-tier 60 Kilowatt models and don’t have the latest auto-pilot or all-wheel-drive tech of course, but who cares?

Some quick math indicates buyers lucky enough to snag one of the ex-loaner cars could drive away for less than 60,ooo, or about half the price of a top-of-the-line Tesla, and no one ever has to know because they pretty much all look the same.

Computer makers are always trying to out-do each other when it comes to performance, but when you’re talking about supercomputers, you’re also often talking about national pride.

The U.S. is currently working on taking the supercomputing title back from China, whose silicon masterpiece holds the current speed title at 55 petaflops. Just trust us, that’s really fast. But now, IBM is teaming up with Nvidia to create not one but two new supercomputers, the fastest of which should be able to hit 300 petaflops. And what do scientists use supercomputers for, besides playing chess against them during lunch breaks?

Designing and maintaining nuclear weapons for one, along with, you know, trying to better predict the weather. No joke.

We love Ken Block. He’s the ballsiest rally car driver out there, but more than that, he makes crazy videos of himself driving rally cars like a lunatic in unexpected places – like hilly San Francisco.

Well, now Los Angeles is getting the Ken Block treatment, and rather than driving the usual insanely powerful compact rally car, Block saddled up an insanely powerful 65 Ford Mustang that’s also been modified to include all-wheel drive and looks like it came from Mad Max. With a little help from the LAPD, he literally hit’s all the highlights: a hotdog stand, Randy’s donuts, Chinatown and he even takes a dip in the L.A. River. Oh, and watch for the white Bronco.

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