DT Daily: Windows 10 sneak peek, lux iPhone case, insanely fast Kawasaki

Microsoft gives us a sneak peak at Windows 9 – er, make that 10, a spendy way to keep your iPhone from getting the bends, and Kawasaki unleashes an insanely fast new motorcycle.

To say that Windows 8 has been, well, problematic, for Microsoft, just consider this: there are almost twice as many people still running the ancient XP OS than Win8.

But that could change with Windows 10, which got a preview yesterday from Microsoft. What, no Windows 9? Apparently not. Win10 will feature a new Start menu, a less mobile-like interface, help from virtual assistant Cortana, and a blend of more traditional Windows environments. And the price? Redmond isn’t saying yet, so stay tuned. Windows 10 is scheduled for release next year, likely in the summer.

‘Bendgate’ was big news after the new iPhone 6 Plus started making it’s way into people’s skinny jeans, where a few of the phones ended up with some new ergonomics after they emerged bent or warped. So what to do? Well, case maker Gresso has a solution: a slick titanium case that should fend off any changes to the iPhone’s shape. And at $2,000, they’re a steal as well. Oh, you want a gold-plated case to match your gold iPhone? Well, just add another $1,000.

Not quite ready to drop thousands on a bend-defending case? Well, Gresso also makes a very nice aluminum case for a more reasonable $90.

Intermot, the big annual show about all things motorcycling, is underway and yesterday, Kawasaki stole the show when they revealed the H2R, a super-charged sport bike that makes about 300 horsepower – which is far more power than even most professional race bikes.

The H2R isn’t street legal and is intended for use on a racetrack only. It features carbon fiber bodywork, these trick winglets on the front and an estimated top speed of around 250 miles an hour. The H2R designation is an homage to Kawasaki’s H2 motorcycle from the 1970s, a now legendary bike that had the fearsome nickname “widowmaker.” No price has been set yet for the H2R, but like the saying goes, that kind of speed doesn’t come cheap.

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