DT Daily: Windows Phone folders, UK Google Glass bans, cat-style headphones

Today we’ve got news a future version of  the Windows Phone OS could include the ability to create app folders on the home screen, Google Glass gets banned in UK cinemas, and a set of headphones that includes an extra set of speakers shaped like cat ears.

If you’ve been considering a switch over to Windows Phone 8.1, then here’s another point to add into the plus column. According to a brief post on the Microsoft support page, the new version of the OS will soon support home screen folders, into which you can place multiple apps. The revealing document has since been removed from Microsoft’s website, but not before we learned how the new feature will work.

Apparently, it will operate in a similar way to Apple’s system, where icons are dragged over each other to automatically create a folder. Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to be released over the coming weeks and it may or may not include the folder feature, which could also appear in a future update.

Here’s a surprising news story from the UK: movie theaters are already starting to ban the recently released Google Glass smart specs. The Vue Cinema chain confirmed it will be asking patrons to remove the glasses when the lights go down, while the Cinema Exhibitors Association said customers would be asked not to wear Glass whether a film was playing or not.

It’s not just cinemas either. London stage owners are also concerned about Glass, with one theater operator examining the affect the glasses would have for both audience and cast members.

Google Glass suffered a similar fate in the U.S., as it was feared the specs could surreptitiously be used to pirate movies, despite the battery only being able to manage 45 minutes of video recording before running out.

Are you ready to get the party started and get your meow on? Axent has developed a set of headphones with speakers mounted on the head band, meaning you can listen to music privately, or share your tunes with the world. The only thing is, obviously, is that the speakers are shaped like cat ears.

That means while they could complete the perfect look for a cute girl, they may not have the same aesthetic value for everyone else. Axent has got as far as created a prototype, which thanks to some cool blue LED highlights, means the headphones are all set to be this year’s must-have Christmas gadget for ravers and cat ladies everywhere.

If you’re already meowing for a pair of Axent’s kitten cans, then you’ll need to hold on until the Kickstarter campaign launches over the coming weeks, when they’ll cost $115.

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