DT Daily: Wrap-around smartwatch, fireproofing firefighters, walk to charge your tech

Today on DT Daily: Another smartwatch contender lights up Kickstarter, using tech to protect firefighters and powering your gadgets… could be as easy as walking. 

Smartwatches continue to roll out from tech firms both big and small, but one that really caught our eye recently is called the Moment.

Two features make the Moment stand out: first is the bracelet or bangle form factor. The Moment uses flexible display technology to give users a touchscreen that wraps all the way around the device. Second is expandability. Momentum Labs says users will be able to add modules for more sensors, memory or other functions. Pretty slick.

The Moment smartwatch has blown past their kickstarter goal but you can still get an early release unit for a $189 pledge.

A year ago, a fast-moving wildfire near the town of Yarnell, Arizona, killed 19 firefighters. The 19 men tried to survive the fire using portable shelters, but they were no match for the heat. Now, the father of one of the fallen firefighters is trying to develop a more robust portable shelter that could save lives. In this video, David Turbyfill directs a searing flame at a prototype shelter project that includes material he says he simply bought off the internet.

The result: the material didn’t burn. The problem is, firefighters, especially hotshots like those killed, have to move quickly, so heavy, bulky portable shelters aren’t ideal for them. Turbyfill says his improved shelter could be the answer if a materials company could improve it. The Forest service is going to select a new fire shelter system soon, so how about it 3M, DuPont and other materials specialists? Let’s find a way to make our firefighters truly fire proof.

Everyone is looking for the best way to power our battery-draining gadgets while on the go, and if you walk a lot, the Go Kin backpack power plant may be your answer. The Go Kin works by attaching small cables to the heel of your shoes, and as you walk around, the cables spin a generator that charges up a battery. Talk about power walking.

The whole setup weighs less than three pounds, and Go Kin says walking just five minutes is enough to juice up a phone for about 20 minutes of talk time. And the more – or faster – you walk, the more juice you generate, of course. Now if they could just find a way to generate actual power from power naps… well, maybe some day.

Your host today is Caleb Denison.

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