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Digital Trends Live: 16-inch MacBook Pro, Facebook Pay, flying motorcycles, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Luke Larsen break down the biggest trending tech topics of the day, including the new Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro, Facebook Pay goes live, Google’s checking account, Disney+ opens big, Minecraft Earth, flying motorcycles, and more.

We then talk about the new Netflix series Green Eggs & Ham with showrunner creator Jared Stern, who walks us through the process of adapting a 50-word story into a season of animated content.

We then go to DT Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Kaplan, who discusses the five biggest things learned at the 2019 Internet of Things Next conference.

Kaplan then sits down with Kika Buhrmann, vice president of B2B at Nespresso USA, who talks about how the company’s Nespresso Momento is the most intuitive coffee maker to date.

Drew Prindle is live with Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, who discusses how to hold tech executives accountable over privacy, and how the “Mind Your Own Business Act” could impact privacy and the behavior of tech companies.

Finally, we chat with Aylon Steinhart, co-founder and CEO of Eclipse Foods, and Thomas Bowman, co-founder and chief technology officer of Eclipse Foods, about pioneering plant-based dairy substitutes, as well as the scoop on their new ice cream.

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Despite the notch, the new MacBook Pro looks like an amazing comeback
The new Macbook Pro being announced.

Apple launched major updates to the MacBook Pro at its October Unleashed event, putting to bed many months of speculation surrounding the device. The company revealed an all-new 14-inch model starting at $1,999, alongside a refreshed 16-inch model that starts at $2,499.

The update brings many features that have been long rumored to the 14-inch model. The most notable of them is the most obvious: The change in display size. The device’s bezels have been thinned down, allowing Apple to squeeze a 14-inch panel into the frame without increasing the laptop’s footprint. That should result in a more immersive experience while using the new MacBook Pro and bring it in line with other premium laptops.

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Apple’s High Power Mode could mean MacBook performance boost
A Macbook Pro sitting on a chair, illuminated with neon lighting.

In January 2020, it emerged that Apple was working on a so-called Pro Mode for its Macs. While that never became an official MacOS feature, it looks like it could be making a return under the name High Power Mode.

According to 9to5Mac, MacOS Monterey beta 8 contains references to High Power Mode in its code. Unlike the Pro Mode leak, there are no details as to how exactly this would work. However, Pro Mode itself could give us some clues.

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Apple accidentally leaks future MacBooks with increased screen resolutions
apple macbook pro 13 m1 review 06

We’ve suspected for months that Apple is working on something big for its MacBook Pro line, including an all-new MacBook Pro 14 and a revamped MacBook Pro 16, but all we’ve had to go on are leaks and analyses from journalists and tipsters. Until now, that is, as it appears Apple has accidentally spilled the beans itself ahead of its rumored October event.

As first spotted by MacRumors, the latest beta of Apple’s upcoming Mac operating system, MacOS Monterey, includes references to two display resolutions that are not used by any current Macs. Nestled among resolutions for existing Macs in the System Information app, including the 5K iMac’s 5120 x 2880 and the MacBook Pro 13’s 2560 x 1600, are two more: 3024 x 1964 and 3456 x 2234.

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