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DT Daily: Google Pixel Night Sight, Surface Studio 2, and Netflix at half price

On today’s episode of DT Daily, we joined Greg Nibler in our Portland studio to discuss trending topics such as Mark Zuckerberg ordering Facebook executives to ditch their iPhones after Tim Cook criticized the social media platform, and the Google Pixel Night Sight, which uses A.I. to boost colors in photos taken in low-light environments.

Greg Nibler and Adrian Warner also talked about the latest news from Netflix, which is its $4 per month mobile-only subscription, offering a cheaper alternative to those customers only who only use the popular video streaming platform on their mobile devices.

“I think [the mobile-only subscription] would be really, really popular in the U.S.” Warner said. “A lot of people these days watch streaming on their mobile devices, especially people who travel a lot, or for people who may have a crowded environment at home and tend to watch things in bed or don’t have access to the TV all the time.”

The feature is currently being tested overseas, and there’s no word yet if the half-price option will ever come to the U.S. We can see potential problems with the service if people start casting from their phones to their TVs to get around the higher subscription fees, but surely Netflix has considered that, right?

We also sat down with computing editor Luke Larsen and senior designer Will Hawkins for a hands-on demo with the new Surface Studio 2, a gigantic computer from Microsoft that’s giving Apple a run for its money. This thin all-in-one also makes for a pretty solid gaming computer, which is good when you start to consider the hefty $3,500 starting price tag.

While the sticker price may be a bit much for the average person, the responsive screen and high-end Surface pen, as well as completely updated internal components, mean that this machine may actually find a place in the creative professional community, a place Apple has had a tight grip on over the years.

Finally, we were joined by Craig Conant, a comedian who after a stint of trouble decided to turn his life around and get involved in stand-up comedy.

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