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Digital Trends Live: The impact of coronavirus, Nvidia gaming, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Caleb Denison break down the biggest-trending stories in tech, including the impact of the coronavirus, Nvidia’s streaming game service, Philips Hue’s hacking vulnerability, robotic bartenders, and more.

Leigh Fatzinger

Leigh Fatzinger, chief executive officer of Turbine Labs, joins the show to discuss all the information and noise that inundates our lives, and how to make sense of it.

Next up, DT Senior Editor Drew Prindle talks about the new Timeshifter app, which is designed to use sleep neuroscience to help eliminate jet lag.

We then turn to gaming as we discuss Nvidia, and how its cloud-gaming beta is finally open to everyone.

Zach Gobst

Nibler then welcomes Zach Gobst, founder and CEO of Leapcure, who talks about how to connect patients with clinical trials.

Finally, DT’s Adrien Warner and Jess Surbaugh join the program to discuss our new segment TBD, a show that focuses on the intersection of technology and pop culture. This week, they discuss AirBnB scams, and how to protect yourself against bait-and-switches, double bookings, and false damage claims.

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