It’s Apple vs. Microsoft all over again: who’s best now?

New leaders, old battles: tech titans Apple and Microsoft square off again

It’s been a busy week in tech with heavyweights Apple and Microsoft both introducing new computers at their respective events. So who came out on top? Was it Microsoft with their first-ever desktop PC, the futuristic Surface Studio, or Apple, with its toe-dip into touch computing with their all-new line MacBook Pro laptops?

Cases can be made for both and we’ve got full coverage of both events including hands-on impressions and opinions on how the rise of touch and 3D technologies could change the way we compute – and create.

Buh-bye Vine, it was nice looping you

More bad news from Twitter as the social media company says they plan to shutter the Vine app, which while never a giant hit, is still beloved by its many enthusiastic users.

Introduced three years ago, Vine let users produce six-second videos that endlessly looped, leading to some pretty creative productions that gave us a lot of laughs – or showed some critical slices of reality, such as clips from the Ferguson protests. Twitter says that while the ability to post new Vines will end in the coming months, clips already posted will live on for our collective enjoyment and will also be downloadable so you can save them.

Why kill Vine? It wasn’t a moneymaker for Twitter, and since the company is essentially struggling to stay afloat, we’re not too surprised that it’s getting the ax.

Tom Hanks is out to save the world for the 274th time

It’s Friday and that means movie night for a lot of people, and the latest chapter in the Da Vinci Code series, called Inferno, opens tonight.

DT cinephile Rich Marshall got an early look at the third installment of the Dan Brown trilogy, which stars Tom Hanks of course and is again directed by Ron Howard. Also starring in Inferno? Little-known actress Felicity Jones, who will head up some movie called Rogue One a few weeks from now. Heard of that one? Anyway, Hanks is on the hunt for clues using Dante’s famous Inferno that will hopefully lead him to the bad guys planning to release a terrible virus.

Will he figure it all out in time, despite having ill-timed bouts of amnesia from a head injury? Wow, that really does sound like a movie plot. Be sure to leave your review in the comments section.

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