New LG V30 phone brings OLED goodness ahead of Apple’s OLED iPhone 8 debut

Shiny and bright

LG is back in the smartphone game with the new LG V30. A follow-up to the popular G6 and last year’s V20, the new V30 is packing all of the new standard features for an android smartphone phablet: a 6-inch screen with minimal bezels, Snapdragon 835 heartbeat, dual rear cameras, and 4gb of RAM to keep things moving along. But what really sets it apart is its gorgeous OLED screen, which features 2880 by 1440 resolution.

The screen is definitely the thing as video we watched looked pretty amazing with inky blacks and vibrant colors – both hallmarks of OLED technology. It also has some neat software tricks, like a floating bar for making quick changes, and the dual rear cameras also have some special abilities up their sleeves. And with that great screen, it’s perfect for phone-based VR fun, you’ll just need to pick up a Google Daydream View headset for $80.

Price wasn’t announced but we’re expecting it to come in at right about $750, and it should come out pretty close to when Apple’s new OLED-screened iPhone 8 hits. Check out our hands-on review.

Just don’t lose one

Stand-alone earbuds like the Bragi Dash and Here One paved the way for true cordless audio, and now, tech icon Sony is getting into game with a set of their own free-range earbuds.

Attractively named the “WF-1000X,” the buds come in a case that will of course recharge them on the go – twice – and battery life is three hours, so plan those marathon workouts accordingly. Sony has included noise-cancellation tech in the kit, and if you need longer battery life, there’s also a pair of wired-but-wireless “neck buds” that bump battery life up to about 14 hours. Sony says the WF wireless model should sell for about $200. The new Sony earbuds were introduced at this year’s IFA show in Berlin, here’s our full coverage. 

Smart enough for your own good

Just a few days ago, we showed off fitbits new ionic smartwatch, and now Garmin is hitting back with their third-generation do-everything wrist computer, the vivoactive 3.

Also just announced at IFA, the vivoactive 3 matches some of fitbit’s new features, including an ability to estimate VO2MAX ability for you fitness nuts, and of course there’s GPS for when you get lost while wildly running through the woods to bump up your numbers. Once you pick your way through the sticker bushes to the nearest Dutch Brothers, you can pay for your latte pick-me-up with, of course, “Garmin Pay.” The watch will also run a suite of 15 or so apps.

Past Garmin smartwatches have run over $500 or more, so it’s nice to hear the vivoactive 3 will come in at just over $300, depending on options.

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