Massive DDoS attack strikes net traffic server Dyn; Twitter, Spotify, other sites hit hard

Then again, maybe an outage right now isn’t such a bad thing

Certain presidential candidates known for early-hours Twitter rants may have been frustrated this morning after a large-scale denial of service attack blocked or slowed access to numerous popular websites, including Twitter, Tumblr, Spotify and others. The New York Times, Github, Airbnb, Reddit and more also reported being affected by the attack, which appears to have been focused on DNS provider Dyn, which helps direct web traffic.

The problems cropped up early this morning but after a couple of hours, access seemed to be improving, but then got worse later. So who’s was behind the DDoS attack? The Russians? The Chinese? Dexter? Hard to tell, but an investigation is under way.

We sold ours and bought Samsung stock. Oops.

Got Microsoft stock? Well, maybe you should go home early today, as it got a serious boost following a glowing earnings report.

CEO Satya Nadella’s magic seems to be working as Redmond posted big gains in market share for its Surface Pro 4 tablet and Azure cloud services. That drove the stock to over $60 bucks a share, it’s highest level since 1999 when the first dot-com boom was truly booming. Microsoft went public in 1986 and the stock started at $21 a share, but has split nine times since then. So if you’d bought just 100 shares for $2,100 dollars back then, today, well, you’d be retired.

Twilight of a life lived… sharply?

We’re getting our first look at Logan, the latest film in Marvel’s ongoing obsession with X-Men stalwart Wolverine. Hugh Jackman returns as a scarred, bitter and clearly older mutant living in what seems to be a post-apocalyptic wasteland, or perhaps in the desert just outside of Vegas. He is joined by an even older and very fragile Professor Xavier, played as usual by the great Sir Patrick Stewart.

At one point in the new trailer, set to Johnny Cash’s Nine Inch Nails Hurt cover, Logan says the “mutants are gone now” – but it looks like Professor X has rounded one up in the form of a young girl with as-yet unspecified powers, although Xavier tells Logan “she’s like you.” Jackbooted military types and masked strangers suddenly appear, along with bad guy Nathaniel Essex, who is sporting some biomechanical upgrades. By then, of course, it’s game on.

No other X-Men appear – in the trailer at least – and it looks like this could be the end of the line for Wolverine’s story. You know, maybe. Logan is directed by James Mangold, who also helmed the critically acclaimed neo-Western 3:10 to Yuma and the other Wolverine film, called… The Wolverine. Logan opens on March third of 2017.

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