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Why The Office’s Leslie David Baker wants to create a new Stanley spinoff

Former The Office star Leslie David Baker said that he wants to bring the character of Stanley Hudson back for a new spinoff because fans want to know what happened to him after the hit series ended in 2013.

Baker appeared on Digital Trends Live on Wednesday to talk about a new series he is trying to get picked up that follows the Scranton, Pennslyvania, staple into his retirement. 

“I came up with the concept because I often heard at Comic-Con, ‘What happened to the character of Stanley?’ he said. “Now, we get an opportunity to see who he really is.” 

The Office star Leslie David Baker
The Office (NBC)

Uncle Stan: Coming Out of Retirement would be set several years after The Office ended. According to Baker, the plot kicks off when Stanley gets a phone call from his nephew, Lucky, who just become a widower and needs help with his kids and his motorcycle/flower shop. Stanley moves with his fiancé to help his nephew and viewers get a better glimpse into the grumpy but lovable character. 

“Stan brings his level of wisdom and guidance and tough love and the whole gamut,” Baker said.  

Baker is trying to bring the character back to life by raising money for the show through a Kickstarter page. The page’s description says that fans who donate will have a say in what they want to see from the show and that the original The Office cast would be invited to make guest appearances. 

Baker said that since The Office was so widely successful, he wants to bring some of that spirit back to the fans. 

“We are a part of television history, “Baker said. “We want to continue to be a part of your lives.”

The Office will leave Netflix (much to many fans’ dismay) in January 2021, so this Stanley spinoff could be coming at the perfect time for The Office fans to get more from their favorite characters. 

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