Whoa: first trailer for Doctor Strange is, indeed, pretty strange

It’s very nearly time… to get strange! Of course, we mean Doctor Strange, the latest in Marvel’s comic book pantheon to get a feature film, and the first trailer dropped today. In it, we see the good doctor, played by Benedict Cumberbach, gravely injured. It looks like he sets out on a vision quest of sorts and comes across a bald-headed Tilda Swinton who literally lifts his spirits.

Once under Swinton’s tutelage, Strange is on his way to becoming the sorcerer Strange, but he has to navigate some mind-bending scenes and inter-dimensional villains along the way. Looks like you might want to take some Dramamine before going to the show. Believe it or not, this movie has been in development in various forms for 30 years. It’s finally landing in theaters on November 4th.

Solar sails have been a science fiction staple for decades, but the science behind them is actual real-world science. Space around the earth is hardly empty, it’s filled with energy streaming out of the sun at near light-speed. So why not hitch a ride? Science Guy Bill Nye and the Planetary Society successfully launched an experimental solar sail last year, and now, NASA is looking to test a new solar sail prototype that uses wires instead of actual sails.

Called the HERTS electric sail, the system would spin out a number of charged wires until they stretched for over 24 miles in width. Protons in the solar wind hitting the wires are repelled, pushing the spacecraft forward at an ever-increasing rate. NASA says that if successful, the HERTS system could push a space probe out of the solar system in 10 years, or more than three times faster than the Voyager probes. NASA hopes to launch a test vehicle into space in the near future.

Remember how we told you that the FBI hooked up the terrorist’s iPhone to a Cellebrite machine in order to get at the data they wanted? Yeah, apparently, that didn’t happen, according to an article in the Washington Post.

The Post says the FBI paid some hackers to figure out a way around the login limit, and then exploited a software flaw to get into the phone’s data. The FBI is saying the procedure only works on an iPhone 5C running iOS9, but hey, at this point, who really knows… except the FBI.

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