Zuck on hot seat over ‘fake news’ in News Feed after Trump win

Once again, don’t believe everything you read on Facebook

Following the upset victory by Donald Trump in the Presidential election, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has come under fire for what many people are calling “fake news” in the social networks’ news feeds that they say may have swayed some voters. The clamor has reached a point that Zuck addressed the issue yesterday, calling the fake news/election influence claim a “crazy idea.”

He has also repeatedly claimed that Facebook is not a media organization. But is that really true? The Facebook news feed is an integral part of the Facebook experience, and team blue has had some missteps there. After human curators were replaced by bits and bytes, the Facebook news algorithm pushed out inaccurate or conspiracy “stories” that said 9/11 was an inside job, that Fox anchor Megan Fox had been fired and so on.

And let’s face it: a lot of people get at least some of their “news” from Facebook. Whether the Facebook news feed helped “swing” an election will be a topic of debate for a long time to come, but we caution any company with over a billion users that the news those users read should be fair, balanced, and most importantly, as accurate as humanly possible.

We’re going to need a bigger room

One issue HTC Vive VR users have with their walk-around experience is tripping over the damn wires that connect it to the PC running the show. Now, a new upgrade cuts the cables completely. According to UploadVR, the 220-dollar add-on module from TP-CAST will allow latency and cord-free fun with the Vive, and they posted a video of it in action.

The future of VR is wireless to be sure, and we’re thrilled to see it arrive so soon for the Vive – and for a relatively modest price. Want one for your Vive setup? Pre-orders are now open and while the modules won’t ship before the holidays, HTC says they should arrive early next year. [Update: it’s totally sold out for now]

It does most everything well, including emptying your wallet

Microsoft recently wowed the tech world with the stunning Surface Studio PC and capable new Surface Book laptop and we’re happy to say we just got through thoroughly testing Redmond’s newly pumped-up 2-in-1 portable. There’s a lot to like, including a great display, excellent build quality, solid performance numbers and fantastic battery life from the new “performance base” option.

But it’s not all unicorns and rainbows, as Microsoft somehow forgot to add a USB-C port and as you might expect from the highest-end of the Surface Book high end, it is far from cheap. Check out Brad Bourque’s full review here.

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