Apple iPhone XI? XL? X Plus? Sources say next model could be two models

Better AND bigger!

Now that Apple has revealed its new iPhone 8 and iPhone Ten models, speculation is beginning to ramp up about… the next iPhone. Crazy, we know, but that’s just how these things go. Anyway, our friends over at BGR say they’re hearing from reliable sources that the NEXT version of the iPhone Ten will include… more than one version.

That’s right, there could be two follow-up models to the new phone, including a plus size variation with a larger screen. The new iPhone Ten isn’t a phablet: because the bezels are so small, the phone is actually fairly petite for the screen real estate involved. But a larger version would give Apple more room to play with technologies like their fast-developing augmented reality platform, and even more virtual reality fun.

BGR says that a larger handset would also allow Apple to stuff more battery capacity into the phone, something we would all love to see. As always, it’s just rumors so far, Apple remains as silent as ever on any clues to future products. And by the way, the iPhone Ten hits the streets in just about three weeks, so go get in line.

Don’t go to the Dark Side, Rey!

In case you missed it, the latest trailer for the next episode in the Star Wars saga hit last night during Monday Night Football. We get to see a lot of new stuff: Rey getting in some lightsaber lessons – and surprising a suddenly chatty Luke Skywalker with her raw Force powers.

Bad guy Kylo Ren dispenses with his mask and agonizes over taking aim at his mom, Princess Leia, and we even get a peek at Chewy’s new buddy, a ready-for-market plushie known as a Porg. The trailer starts with a voice-over from who we can only surmise is the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke, and it rocks on from there.

Finn finally faces off with a very shiny Captain Phasma, Poe takes on an Imperial ship in a hotted up X-wing and… what’s this? Rey and Kylo? Hooking up? Hopefully she comes to her senses. Or he comes to his. Check out the new preview and set aside some time, we’ve got a full roundup of all the trailers, tweets, photos, leaks, rumors and plain old conspiracy theories about The Last Jedi.

A very clear Signature

We’re no stranger to speakers around here at DT, and if you want to “go big” as it were, we recently tested a new system from Polk that’s ready to take your home theater to the next level. While the recent trend for home theater systems has trended towards the smaller end of the speaker size scale, fair to say these aren’t exactly bookshelf models.

Called the Signature Series, these impressive towers feature advanced materials, a cool modern look and impressive performance. We set up a full 5-point-Oh system because these bad boys don’t need a subwoofer to bring the bass. Polk also designed a feature called Power Port into each unit to further clean up the bass response, and best of all, for speakers of this size and at this performance level, the price is truly affordable – our entire system rang in at $1500.

DT’s Ryan Wanianta has been spending far too many hours in the DT home theater room “auditioning” them, so check out his video review.

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