DT Daily: Trippy Clip lens, SpaceX tries again, gas up your phone

Today on DT Daily: tricking your cell phone camera into thinking its 1974, SpaceX gets ready to try and land a rocket, again, and gassing up your dead device… with actual gas.

There are no shortage of add-on lenses for phones and tablets these days, but the Trippy Clip lens definitely has the our vote for being the most fun. Pony up a $40 pledge and get the Prism version, which divides your frame into three parts and adds a retro prism effect, which should make your photos from the next Phish or Moody Blues show all the more memorable.

The anticipated launch of NASA’s DSCOVR satellite by a SpaceX rocket was scrubbed over the weekend when some tracking gear… stopped being able to track anything, so it’s been rescheduled for tomorrow at about 6PM EST. What’s the big deal? Well, it’ll be another chance for rocket man Elon Musk to try and land his re-useable Falcon rocket on a tiny landing pad in the ocean.

Portable phone chargers are big business, but if you’re portable charger is also dead, you’re out of luck. So check out the Kraftwerk charger. It uses a fuel cell that you refill with lighter fluid or camping gas. It’ll charge a phone almost a dozen times, refills in about 3 seconds and is ready to go instantly.

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