Ghost of CRT: Some Google Pixel 2 XL screens may have ‘burn-in’ issue

Squint and you can see it

The new Google Pixel 2 XL has been on sale for just a short time now, and it looks like some handsets may have a problem with their fancy P-OLED screens. According to several sources, reports are popping up about “screen burn-in,” a problem that supposedly went away with the death of CRT displays. However, it appears that some new OLED displays may be susceptible as well. The problem is caused by the screen displaying a single image for a long period of time.

Eventually, a “ghost” of that image is “burned into” the display. In the case of the Pixel 2XL, it seems the three icons at the bottom of the screen – which are turned “on” much of the time – are still a tiny bit visible when the display switches to something else. The issue only seems to affect the Pixel 2XL’s “plastic” or “pOLED” display, the smaller Pixel 2 uses a different and older kind of OLED technology known as AMOLED.

According to Forbes, the Pixel 2XL displays are made by LG, and Google is actively investigating reports of the problem. Cataclysmic fail for the Pixel 2 XL? Well, probably not, but it certainly rates a frowny face for a device this spendy.

The Neverending Story

If you’re a lawyer for either Apple of Samsung, what can we say: we totally think red is the best color for your new Porsche. Once again, the two tech titans are headed back to court once, this time to argue over damages from a 2016 ruling.

Yes, it does seem like this battle never ends. The legal back and forth over patent infringements, intellectual property, jury instructions, phone design, UI design, drawings, written descriptions or some such goes back to 2012. This new legal battle will focus on whether Samsung really does have to pay Apple $339 million after losing the latest round in court last year. They’ll get started on Wednesday. and while that’s a lot of dough to you and me, it’s pocket lint to these companies. Just cut the check. And really, red. Trust us on this one.

One more reason to like the Xbox One

Good news for Microsoft Xbox One owners hankering for some retro gaming fun: the first round of 13 old games that will work on the new console are set to drop and you can start playing them tomorrow.

A leaked list of the initial batch of 13 titles includes Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Prince of Persia, Red Faction 2, Pirates, Neowave, Dead to Rights and some other favorites. Digital downloads start at ten bucks a game, which seems fair enough, and if you have original discs that still work, you can use those as well. Redmond had promised that the console would eventually play the classics, looks like they’re coming through.

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