‘Pokémon Go’ takes aim at Japan, with some help from a Big Mac

Malware has been a bit of buzzkill for Android phone users, but a new feature in the N version of the OS – N for “Nougat” – should help users figure out at least where an app came from. According to the site Android Police, the phone will now display the source of an app, whether it’s been downloaded from the Google Play store, some other app vendor or side-loaded off of a memory card, which many Android phones still accept.

That way, if an app starts acting strangely, users or tech persons can more quickly track down the source of any bad behavior on the phone – and delete the app. Tracking the source of an app has always been possible – but not easy – in Android. This new feature, part of Preview 5 of Nougat, vastly simplifies that task and we hope it makes it to the final version.


Big military drones are nothing new anymore, but according to an article in Newsweek, every soldier in the U.S. Army could soon be packing a little helo drone onto the battlefield. It’s called a Black Hornet, and it comes in this compact carry case that also includes a controller. Soldiers watch real-time footage on a small chest-mounted video screen.

The Black Hornet weighs just 18 grams, sports three cameras including night vision, has 25 minutes of run time and an operating distance of well over a kilometer. The 16-centimeter long mini helicopter can fly in most weather and according to maker Proxdynamics, is both silent and battle tested. The drone is already in use by the UK and Norway, among other armed forces. Newsweek said it – or something like it – could be mandatory battlefield gear in just two years.


Pokémon Go is moving forward in its quest for world domination, and this time Japan is in its sights. Along for the ride? McDonald’s, of course, which will partner with Niantic and the Pokémon Company to roll out the game, quote, “real soon.” Naturally, Pokémon chasers will find a multitude of the augmented reality creatures awaiting capture at McDonald’s restaurants, likely hiding somewhere between the Big Macs and Egg McMuffins.

Pokémon Go has actually stirred a bit of controversy in Japan, where players are upset they are getting the game after other countries, even though Pokémon originated…. in Japan. Anyway, rumors indicate the game could roll out tomorrow, which, if you’re in the U.S., is today, and not tomorrow, because… international dateline… well, just have fun playing and have some fries for us.