Video game expo E3 arrives as industry faces multiple transitions

It’s time to play all the acronyms

While it is indeed Friday, many in the tech world have their eyes on next week when the big annual video game fiesta known as E3 kicks off in Los Angeles. While the show officially runs next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the action really begins this weekend, with several events taking place on “Mixer Sunday.”

It’s a critical time for the video game industry as producers and hardware makers deal with a slate of new technologies including 4K gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality and pitched warfare between consoles from a number of tech giants. DT has a full crew on the scene and we’re looking forward to bringing you the big reveals and hands-on impressions from the show. Look for our complete coverage, presented by Duracell, right here.

macOS to the APFS

Tim Cook and crew gave us a quick look at MacOS High Sierra earlier this week at WWDC, and now we’ve got our own take on the latest update to the operating system. Suffice to say, High Sierra is an evolutionary update to… regular Sierra… with some tweaks to Siri, the Photos app and some other bits, but the real news is taking place under the hood. Once you update, the OS will begin converting all your files to the more future-proof APFS format.

Once completed, APFS should save some space and allow quicker access to your files – along with better encryption. Our resident Mac-o-phile Jayce Wagner spent a few sleepless nights getting lost in High Sierra, but managed to somehow survive and make a video about what he found. Check out his hands-on review here.

X as in “eXpensive”

Like a lot of tech folks, we obsess a bit about Elon Musk’s Tesla electric cars, and we just got through thoroughly testing the latest version of the sorta-minivan/SUV, the Model X. You know, the one with those crazy Falcon doors, which really are kind of crazy. Crazy smart, actually. But there’s a lot more to it than the doors, of course.

The windshield goes up over your head, it has that giant touchscreen in the center, the doors open at your command, and it has a bio-hazard air filtration system in case of a zombie gas attack. And of course, there’s Ludicrous Mode, in case you feel like humbling that driver next to you in the Ferrari. Naturally, all that techie EV goodness doesn’t come cheap, and our test unit rang in at $162,000, so hit this link to see what you get for all that dosh.

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