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Quick! Apple AirPods are the cheapest they have ever been

Apple AirPods
Riley Young/Digital Trends

Start reaching for your wallet because Amazon has the run-of-the-mill AirPods with Charging Case for just $129 — the cheapest we’ve seen the iconic Pods to date. But what does that translate to in terms of a cold, hard discount? These puppies are down a massive $30 from the usual $150.

The best thing about the AirPods is how simple they are. Just pop one in each ear, and the tunes will start flowing. Need to adjust the volume, send a message, place a call, create a calendar event, or find the answer to a pressing question? Double-tap a Pod to ask Siri and she’ll take care of it.

However, decide to fork out an extra $40 and you won’t need to lift a finger to communicate with Siri. That’s because the AirPods 2, which have beenreduced from $200 down to only $169, are always listening. All you need to do is mumble “Hey, Siri!” and you’re ready to roll — no tapping required.

  • Apple AirPods with Charging Case — $129 ($30 off)
  • Apple AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Case — $169 ($30 off)

But the main reason you might want to consider the more expensive model is battery life. If you often find yourself on a call, the two-hour talk time on the standard AirPods isn’t going to cut it. You’ll want the four hours that comes with the AirPods 2. Both last for around five hours of music playback.

The other notable difference? The AirPods 2 come with a Wireless Charging Case, which can be charged … well … wirelessly. The actual capacity is the same though, with it delivering the same 24-hour reserve as the Charging Case bundled with the regular AirPods, so it probably won’t be a dealmaker.

So, which do you need? Well, as we’ve said before, if you can live without wireless charging, don’t mind having to tap a Pod to fire up Siri, and can live with the two-hour talk time, then look no further than the AirPods. You can snap up a pair for an absolute bargain. For everyone else, it’s the AirPods 2.

Or is it?

If you’re after the absolute best Apple has to offer, you will want to turn your attention to the AirPods Pro. At $250, they aren’t cheap, but they do sit at the head of the AirPods table, introducing a smaller, more compact design; noise cancellation; sweat-resistance; and interchangeable eartips.

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