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Yes, there are Prime Day 8K TV deals — but they aren’t cheap

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TV shoppers know that Prime Day deals are one of the best times of year to find big discounts from the biggest TV brands, but it’s also an especially good time to look for 8K TVs. That’s because you’re going to find discounts on the latest models and even bigger discounts on last year’s models that are still in stock. As the highest resolution you can get in a TV, 8K tends to bring premium prices, which makes Prime Day the perfect time to pay a little less for this leading-edge technology.

Best Prime Day 8K TV deals 2021

What should I look for in an 8K TV?

Ordinarily, we would start by talking about the differences between QLED and OLED TV technologies, but this year only QLED 8K TV models are being discounted. So the next consideration is size: How big of a TV screen do you want? In our opinion, anything smaller than 65-inches won’t let you fully appreciate the benefits of 8K resolution.

Once you’ve decided on size, consider brightness and backlighting. The brighter the TV can get, the more spectacular high dynamic range (HDR) material will look. Look for models that have full-array local dimming (FALD) with as high a number of zones as possible. Zones are the individual areas on the screen where the TV can adjust brightness independently from adjacent zones. The more you have, the closer a TV will get to achieving perfect black levels, and the less you’ll see “halo” effects — that’s when light from a bright area of the screen bleeds into a dark area.

If you plan to connect a number of devices to your TV, take a look at how many HDMI ports it has. Most TVs ship with four HDMI ports, but some may only have three. While you’re checking out the ports, see if the TV supports any HDMI 2.1 features like variable refresh rate (VRR), HDMI eARC, or support for 4K signals at 120Hz. These are especially important if you’re a gamer.

Finally, consider additional features like the smart TV operating system: Does it support the apps you need? Does the TV offer Apple AirPlay or Google Chromecast so you can send content to it from your phone?

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